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The Wyndhams theatre is a traditional building at the base of Charing Cross Road set amongst the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square. The theatre opened in 1988 and continues to boast its late Victorian style. The venue has been home to a number of straight plays and musicals, but is now used to housing short runs of popular new plays or transfers from other venues, such as the year long Donmar in the West End residency.

The theatre is taller and shallow and offers seats over four different levels. Each level is particularly shallow, with long rows running around the balconies rather than out from the stage. Boxes at the Royal Circle level are difficult to see from, and the whole auditorium presents different degree of problems along the way. It is worth checking out which seats offer the best value for money before you book.

Big Budget Tip

Best seats are towards the front of the Dress Circle. Avoid the first row, as the curve of the balcony can be obstructive.

Best Value Tip

The Balcony in this theatre provides good views of the stage, although it does feel far back. Chose rows B and D to see over the safety rail, and look for a bargain ticket to make these seats worth your money.

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  • King Charles III

    From 02 Sep 2014 to 31 Jan 2015

    Hot off the back of a critically acclaimed sold out run at the Almeida theatre comes Mike Bartlett’s hit new play. It imagines a future where the Queen is dead and Charles succeeds the throne to disastrous effect. The play is structured like one of Shakespeare’s history plays and written in blank verse and iambic pentameter. Directed by Rupert Goold. 

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