Our mission – 50,000 seats reviewed!

There are 50,000 seats in London's West End theatres. We need your help to review every single one of them.

26% complete (14,072 seats of 53,880 reviewed)

The SeatPlan idea and website are the brainchild of Ben Jackson who realised that when buying theatre tickets, consumers have no way of knowing which seats are great and which are not so great! SeatPlan was born to collate audience members seating reviews in a clear, easy-to-use format. Here, you’ll find detailed seating plans for every major theatre in London, including every West End venue. With ticket prices skyrocketing, we hope it helps you choose seats that represent the best value for money.

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We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the site and the experience of our visitors. Please also feel free to get in touch with any feedback or questions you may have about our website…

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The Team

Ben Jackson (Founder)

Ben is responsible for SeatPlan strategy and features. He wants everyone to check SeatPlan before booking seats and to add a seat review after each theatre visit. Please!

Joel Morland (Lead Developer)

Joel is in charge of keeping SeatPlan online and working smoothly. If you think we've missed something or you'd like a new feature on the site, use the feedback form to let us know - Joel will find a way to make it happen.

Cameron Lund (Operations and Marketing Manager)

Cameron talks to theatres and people to make sure the information on our site is tip-top. If you find something is amiss, hit the message button in the bottom right and get in touch.

Charlotte Ireland (Editor)

Turns the rambling nonsense that Cameron comes up with and re-words it into coherent sentences.

You? (Full Stack Symfony 2 Developer)

We are looking for an amazing full stack Symfony 2 developer to join our team.

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Do you love design, UX and creating fantastic front ends? Then read about our front end developer role and get in touch.

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