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Queen's Theatre

London 51 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 6BA

  1. Upper Circle 69.8412698% rating for Upper Circle



  2. Dress Circle 84.6892656% rating for Dress Circle



  3. Stalls 89.0618762% rating for Stalls



Current show

  • Les Miserables

    Les Miserables

    From 03 Apr 2004 to 26 Mar 2016

    The world's longest-running musical, Les Miserables is a sprawling historical epic following the escaped convict Jean Valjean as he tries to start a new life while evading the villainous Javert. The mid-Stalls or front of the Dress Circle offer great views of the stage.

About the theatre

The Queen’s Theatre is situated in the heart of Theatreland on Shaftesbury Avenue. The theatre was opened in 1907 and has an Edwardian style auditorium. After being destroyed during World War II the foyer was rebuilt in a modern style which still presides today. Extended refurbishment took place in 2009 which improved public areas and increased seating capacity. The theatre has been the home of the world’s longest running musical Les Miserables since 2004. Seating at the theatre is often complained about, with most audience members preferring to sit in either the Dress Circle or the Upper Circle. The Stalls section is vast, with no divisions and is inhibited by the deep overhang of the Dress Circle which is the first tier at street level. Pricing of each section does not effectively represent the quality of each seat, and so Seat Plan advises caution when booking. The modern façade and foyer make the theatre feel somewhat gloomy, which is perhaps fitting with the nature of the show.

Best value tips

The best seats in the house in this case are the front centre of the Dress Circle. Here you can feel involved with the show whilst being able to take it all in and enjoying the improved sound quality the theatre has to offer.

Bigger budget tips

It’s worth taking a risk on one of the restricted view seats, especially those in the Dress Circle. Seats in the front two rows of the Stalls are also usually discounted, but provide an exciting view of the stage up close for those wanting to immerse themselves in the show. 

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