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Victoria Palace Theatre

Victoria Street, London SW1E 5EA

  1. Grand Circle 59.2872118% rating for Grand Circle



  2. Dress Circle 80.4954954% rating for Dress Circle



  3. Stalls 82.9477292% rating for Stalls



Current show

  • Billy Elliot

    Billy Elliot

    From 31 Mar 2005 to 17 Dec 2016

    Based on the smash hit film of the same name, Billy Elliot has danced up a storm on the London stage since 2005. Bringing to the life the unlikely tale of a working class young boy who becomes a skilled ballet dancer, Billy Elliot is the much loved musical by Elton John and Lee Hall.

About the theatre

The Victoria Palace Theatre is built on the site of one of London's first music hall venues and is a large building built in a classical style. Away from the West End opposite Victoria Station, the theatre has a large capacity and has been plagued with a string of musical flops until the 2005 hit Billy Elliot which continues to run at the venue. The theatre is built in a traditional style with three levels and can feel a little overwhelming due to the relatively small size of the stage. Each level is quite well raked and is curved around each balcony, giving different levels of visibility throughout. Prices vary accordingly and it is worth knowing how much you wish to spend against how close you wish to be.

Best value tips

Due to the rake of the stage, some restricted view seats in the Stalls offer great value for money. You may miss out on the actors feet, but you will not get so close for so little anywhere else in the West End!

Bigger budget tips

Premium seats are towards the centre of the Stalls. In our opinion these are better than those in the Dress Circle. Mid stalls seats offer a generally better view of the stage.

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