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  1. Dress Circle 74.7826086% rating for Dress Circle


About the Section

The Dress Circle is shallow and narrow, as the whole section wraps around the stage. The section is placed right at the back of the Stalls, and can feel quite far away from the action. The section is well raked throughout meaning that views are good from the central section. The first and last 4 or 5 seats from rows A-E are labelled as restricted due to the pillars in the way, and offer a 'partial view' of the stage. Row C is the most badly affected row, with seats 26-32 affected as well as seats 5-8. 

There are 40 seats along the side of the Dress Circle that curve along the balcony and face across the stage. The seats are angled in most places, and it is possible to lean on the bar in front to get a better view. The top row of seats sits above the lower one, meaning that no one's views are obstructed by other audience members. Better seats are towards the centre of the curve on both sides. The top row can be a little uncomfortable due to the size of the seats and the foot rests, and shorter audience members may not find them comfortable. For a reduced price these side seats are good value, although for the best value try to sit as centrally as possible on the front row. 

Section Rows

  1. Row E 66.6666666% rating for E



  2. Row D 88% rating for D



  3. Row C 80% rating for C



  4. Row B 87.5% rating for B



  5. Row A 84.4444444% rating for A



  6. Row Z 56.6666666% rating for Z



  7. Row Y 61.3333334% rating for Y



  8. Row X 66.6666666% rating for X



Example review from Dress Circle

  • oughttobeclowns99 Reviews
    80% comfort rating
    80% legroom rating
    80% view rating

    For High Society, this is highly recommended. An elevated view is always fun for a musical and the restricted view notice hardly applies, with a little shifting in your seat you can look right through the gap and miss nothing! Seat is comfortable, and legroom is fine.

    1 person thought this review was helpful.


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