The Balcony sits high above the stage, and despite having clear views looks directly down on the action. Those who have a fear of heights should not select to sit here! There is a larger safety bar that runs the length of the balcony, affecting the view for those in the front row, as well as the row behind. If you are willing to peer through the middle this may be less of a problem. The rake of the section makes it feel particularly high and unsteady, but it is certainly an experience! Legroom is tight throughout this whole section, and the seats are not as comfortable as other levels.

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  • E21

    Anonymous 674 Reviews

    First visit and definately the last. Seating was unacceptable strain o the eyes had to look through the safety rails with chin down to see or stand up and look over blocking veiwers behind... have to give a rating but my rating is beyond minus 0

    - Anonymous - on 14 Sep

  • E5

    Mickplusjane 1 Reviews

    We booked a group booking in the balcony,the seats were not together,upon arriving made are way to the balcony ,didn't realise it was so steep ,as I don't like heights I couldn't stay,was told I could pay an extra £20 to sit downstairs,didn't bother to stay and watch,so missed the show DO NOT BOOK THIS THEATRE for balcony seats if you don't like heights,the view was poor as well.

    - Mickplusjane - on 14 Sep

    saw 'Mamma Mia!'

  • E5

    Anonymous 674 Reviews

    Horrible, was not warned that we would be sitting in seats that go above the ceiling. Sat there for a few minutes then left, I can't stand heights. I was told by staff that we could sit in the bar and watch it on a TV which I did because I had my daughter with me and she wanted to see it.. As a note the view from the seats was not good you would have to lean forward so you could see the stage.

    - Anonymous - on 31 Aug

    saw 'Mamma Mia!'

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