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  1. Balcony 65.8536586% rating for Balcony


About the Section

The Balcony sits high above the stage, and despite having clear views looks directly down on the action. Those who have a fear of heights should not select to sit here! There is a larger safety bar that runs the length of the balcony, affecting the view for those in the front row, as well as the row behind. If you are willing to peer through the middle this may be less of a problem. The rake of the section makes it feel particularly high and unsteady, but it is certainly an experience! Legroom is tight throughout this whole section, and the seats are not as comfortable as other levels.

Section Rows

  1. Row F 68.8888888% rating for F



  2. Row E 40.8333334% rating for E



  3. Row D 66.6666666% rating for D



  4. Row C 73.3333334% rating for C



  5. Row B 84% rating for B



  6. Row A 67.5% rating for A



Example review from Balcony

  • chelle1 Reviews
    80% comfort rating
    80% legroom rating
    40% view rating

    We booked tickets via the Novello theatre and discount theatre for mamma Mia seats E 1+2 and F1+2. The seats were not classed as restricted view on either of the websites otherwise we would not have booked them. It was obvious from the moment we were seated that these were restricted view seats. The whole of the right hand corner of the stage could not be seen, so anything taking place in that part of the stage was missed. Many people in the rows B to D were leaning forward to see this adding to the obstruction of our view. Please be aware when booking these seats that a large portion of the performance takes place to the right of the stage and therefore will be missed. We personally would not have booked these seats had we known and feel that it spoilt our overall experience of the show.

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