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Lyceum Theatre Stalls

The stalls are divided by two large aisles running the length of the section diagonally through the space. The front half of the stalls is made up of rows A-Q whilst the back half of the section is divided further by two half aisles running horizontally. The Circle overhang does not occur until row Q, meaning the front half is completely unrestricted and not overshadowed. The overhang only begins to affect those seats at the back of the house, which is factored into the pricing structure for the section. Because of the shape of the theatre some seats on the end of rows, particularly those in the first six rows are restricted, something which is again taken into account with their price.

The seats are very gently raked, but enough to allow those at the back a good view of the stage. Due to the interactive nature of The Lion King the stalls are an excellent place to sit with children, especially throughout the stunning opening number, though because of the rake, smaller children may have difficulty seeing the stage even with booster cushions. This is the best place to sit for children 8 and up. Boxes in the stalls are slightly raised from the level and also provide an interactive experience for the show. Each box has chairs rather than fixed seats which can be moved to allow the best possible view.

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  • Row J, Seat 19

    100% rating
    loz123 31 Reviews
    100% comfort rating
    100% legroom rating
    100% view rating

    First time I saw this show was from these seats. You get an amazing view of the whole stage, and you still feel immersed in the experience. Small children will struggle to see the stage if someone tall sits in front but this can be rectified (usually) with the aid of a booster cushion. Be warned, on matinees they can sell out quite quickly, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

    - loz123 - on 15 Nov 2014

    (6") saw 'The Lion King'

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