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The Stalls are divided into four separate blocks by vertical aisles running the whole length of the theatre. The auditorium feels gigantic, with almost 30 rows of seats and a maximum of 50 seats per row in the rear section. The rows widen towards the rear section creating a number of sight problems for those sat at either end of each row.The two central blocks are the best to sit in due to their proximity to the stage and clear sight lines. The auditorium is well raked, meaning that even seats which are further back have a good view of the action. The stage is set quite high, and so the first couple of rows should be avoided for those who do not wish to crane their necks looking whilst watching the show.

The Dress Circle overhang occurs a third of the way back, meaning in the rear third of the Stalls the top of the stage cannot be seen. There are no particular obstructions in this section, meaning most seats offer a clear view. For a cheaper alternative, seats towards the sides may be better value for money, giving an angled view of the show. The rows are built on a slight curve around the orchestra pit, but this doesn't create any particular problems.

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  • Row W, Seat 6

    60% rating
    megansekinsey 39 Reviews
    60% comfort rating
    60% legroom rating
    60% view rating

    I went to see We Will Rock You in 2011 and purchased a ticket through Last Minute. My father and I were given seats W6 and W7 in the Stalls and despite being set that far back from the stage, when no one was sat in front of me I could see everything. Once someone did sit in front of me, the lower parts of the stage were blocked from my view but I was still able to see all of the actors fully. The one downside, however, is that because the seat is to the very far of the right of the auditorium, you miss parts of the set and any action taking place on the very rear of the stage. The seats are quite comfortable and cushioning, and the legroom is good for someone of a smaller height (5 foot 2) but not as good for someone taller - my father is only 5 foot 7 but he struggled a bit in his seat.

    - megansekinsey - on 02 Jan

    (5" 2) saw 'We Will Rock You'

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