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Dominion Theatre, London

  • The War of the Worlds


The Dominion is a colossal theatre constructed in the late 1920s. It originally operated as a cinema, seating nearly 3000 people across three levels. Countless renovation has restored the theatre back to its intended role as a performance space for concerts and musicals. In 2002 the Queen musical We Will Rock You opened and has been playing at the theatre ever since, and a gold statue of Freddy Mercury has been erected outside the theatre which has now become a landmark of the area. The auditorium currently exists on two levels, with the Stalls holding the majority of the seats. Despite the size, each level is divided into separate blocks meaning the space isn’t so overwhelming. The space often feels like a concert venue rather than a theatre.


Location and Map

268-269 Tottenham Court Road Street, London, W1T 7AQ

Past Shows

  • Elf! the Musical

    - Closed 02/01/16

  • Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games

    - Closed 05/09/15

  • Aliens Love Underpants

    - Closed 05/09/15

  • White Christmas

    - Closed 03/01/15

  • Evita

    - Closed 01/11/14

  • We Will Rock You

    - Closed 31/05/14